is this what other people see too?


is this what other people see too?

Anonymous asked: which purse owner guy would you want to meat up with

"is this even a question" - tumblr user officialbirds, holder of the domain says

actually psyche it’s probably Minato Arisato


You’re all you have and you never even learned to love yourself!


How best friends fall down

Vine by David Lopez

Fun. - Walking the Dog II
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Walking the Dog II - fun.


Maybe the P4 Golden anime is going to be a comedy about Yu Narukami’s New Game + experience in which he has broken persona and all his stats are maxed out. It would explain why he’s looking hella cocky despite moving to a hick town that’s in the middle of nowhere and why he’s smiling and looking into the camera like he already knows what’s up

Anonymous asked: the nesspaula

8/10  -  THEY’RE SO CUTE……. I’d like to think they get together someday and Jeff fixes their kitchen appliances and Poo lets them get married in his Palace