photosynthesis… hacked

*stares at the sun* we’re in.


after spending all day considering getting mariokart 8, I went to burger king for dinner and to my surprise found this onion ring. Not only is it shaped like an 8, but it was the only onion ring in my bag since I ordered fries. now i’m not a superstitious person, but I took this as a sign and bought the game immediately after.


Adventures of P3 and P4 protag. Read Left->Right!

2nd comic based on this.

I feel the same tbh but then it seems like. If they’re all gonna die. Then why make the final battle such a Big Ordeal like Lucas and flint will be joining u two shortly……. Mmmmdndhhdjdid :///

Ahhhh!! Well I’d say Mother 3 because it was my first experience with a video game that didn’t have an easy ending? Like I wanted so badly for it to not turn out the way that it did, like everyone is happy and everything gets fixed but the way that it ended is so much better than that because hell. That’s life. Things aren’t that easy and you can tell that Lucas learned and accepted that as time went on and it was really beautiful.

As for Persona 3, the ending made sense. You go through the whole game and one of the first things you hear is that you’re given one year to do all this and the theme is death, there’s suicidal imagery everywhere, “memento mori” etc but even by the end you think you’re immune to the death but it happens anyways? Again it’s inevitable and it’s life and it’s perfect. And the fact that closed off, quiet, empty Minato grew into the kind of person who would make the ultimate sacrifice that he did never ceases to break my heart and make me love him even more. I’ve watched the last like 10 minutes of cutscenes from FES so many times ahaha. Like there’s this one certain scene after the final battle where the only sound is bells and everyone in SEES thinks that Mint is dead but then he appears and Aigis cries and you can see the smallest of a change on Minatos face then like fear for what he’d done and you can tell it’s sinking in that it’s real but he accepts it nonetheless and I’m not even gonna talk about the final scene. You know the one. Basically

They’re both beautiful endings