Star Spangled Man

The Star Spangled Man, Captain America OST

Reach Out to the Truth -in Mayonaka Arena-


"Reach Out to the Truth -in Mayonaka Arena-"

Persona 4 Arena Original Soundtrack

Two Weeks


08. A song that calms you down

Two Weeks, Grizzly Bear



i made him

welcome to the world lil guy

1) OOOH YEAH DODODODODO BABY BABY DODODODOO but like mint in arena. Running with his hands in his pocket (and his sword disappearing??? Ya) victory pose is him sighing and slouch intensifying. Please……

2) I Understand tbh arena felt less like a game and more like a fanfic turned visual novel with random fighting interspersed but I mean. .. .. I’m still gonna get it tomorrow and probably stay up Late Playing it

Reason number 26362882 I’m Annoyed minato isn’t in the new arena game: his battle theme would probs be a remix of Mass Destruction which means another fuckin version of mass destruction aka best battle theme. Mmm!!! God!

In 25 minutes it is September 30th here and that means Ultimax and this probably shouldn’t be like. A quarter as exciting as it is to me


Steal his look: Makoto Yuki

-Large Door $139

He knows some HTML and is trying to find his lost Duck pug in space